About Us

Marion founded Pacifica Natural Brokers in 2000, starting out with just a few beloved brands.  Since then, we’ve grown every year, and now represent some of the most respected brands in the industry, including the top natural supplement brand in the country.

Our team has decades of combined experience in the natural products industry.  We are passionate about our work: we love the retailers we work with and we love the brands we represent.  We think our love of natural foods and products is contagious!

Marion Haskins


Marion’s health foods journey began with her High School job at Frazier Farms in La Jolla, California. She became a vegetarian after reading Viktoras Kulvinskas’ iconic guide, “Survival Into the 21st Century.” Full of idealism, Marion got her degree in philosophy at UC Santa Barbara, and moved back to La Jolla to manage the same natural foods store. Talk about a dedication to natural foods — and where a degree in philosophy will get you!

With a love for the beach and natural foods in her soul, Marion moved to Maui to work at Down to Earth in Makawao. That same year she became the Store Manager of their Wailuku location, and in 1997, the manager of their new Kahului store, which she launched and managed for three years.

Marion departed retail to found Pacifica Natural Brokers in 2000. Marion is very proud of her client loyalty and of her long term employees, Siobhan and Linda, and the continuity they bring to the business.

I feel great about this industry, knowing that we are expanding the options for people to discover and bring natural products into their homes and kitchens.

Siobhan Siegel

Oahu & Kauai Account Manager

Siobhan Siegel is the Oahu and Kauai account manager for Pacifica Natural Brokers. She joined the team in 2001, bringing her brilliance, wisdom and humor as well as over 20 years natural products industry experience.

Insightful, with a natural talent for finding a way to connect with people of all stripes, Siobhan’s prior experience includes positions as sales manager at Hawaiian Herbal Blessings and Assistant Store Manager for Down to Earth Kahului.

Prior to moving to Hawaii, she worked at Wedge Community Co-op in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and was a working member of two co-ops. Siobhan moved to Hawaii, sight unseen, in search of clean air, clean water and people who talk to each other. She found all of those things – and her husband!

Siobhan loves photography, Irish culture (myths, literature and music) and motorcycle rides. She is passionate about justice, equality and inclusiveness; and works with several non-profit and grassroots organizations on the islands.

It's exciting to witness our industry evolve through innovation, trends and diet preferences. I get real joy from helping people make better choices for themselves, their families and the Earth.

Linda Parker

Maui & Big Island Account Manager

Linda’s foray into the natural products industry began when when she started researching ways to resolve a chronic illness. She transitioned to a vegetarian diet, and threw away all commercial personal care and household items. Not only did she regain her health, she found a new career path! Linda embraces the natural products industry in her career, and in the personal choices she makes by eating organic, non-GMO food, exclusively using natural personal care products and non-toxic household products.

Starting as a clerk at Seattle Super Supplements, she was quickly promoted to buyer and assistant store manager. She also worked as a supplement buyer for The Herbalist in Seattle, and on Maui at Mana Foods.

Linda began as a Sales Rep in Hawaii in 2005. Originally she was our O’ahu and Kaua’i account manager, but she has traded islands with Siobhan, and now manages our Maui and Big Island accounts.

Linda has a B.A. in Consumer Studies from Washington State University as well as a Master Herbalist certificate through The School of Natural Healing.

It is inspiring to represent top brands in the natural products industry because I feel that we are making a difference in personal and global health.

Fran Rosier

Oahu Retail Support

Fran has enjoyed a diverse and colorful career, working in advertising, branding, design, and retail, sales. Her desire to wander and the quest for optimal health and wellness led her around the world to explore a variety of cultures, holistic health practices, and inspired people.

Fran grew up on farms, which instilled in her a preference for natural products and real foods. In 2015, Fran joined Pacifica Natural Brokers to bring healthy, wholesome and natural foods and products onto store shelves and into peoples homes. Fran loves transforming the lives of people through improved health and wellness with great products. She spends her time with our retailers, expanding customer awareness and appreciation for our brands, and helping retailers present our brands effectively.

I grew up on farms with vibrant gardens, where I could frequently be found sitting in the dirt nibbling on parsley...